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Oxo organic smoothinng

Best frizz-free , smooth, shinny, straight hair that is completely safe for health.

There is no need for special care afterward.

Oxo smoothing is permanent smoothing treatment.

Works for all hair type , even highlighted hair or bleached hair.

This is based on my experience

Japanese straightening >OXO>keratin treatment

I do Japanese straightening and keratin treatment awell.

Both are completely different types of straightening or treatment.

Oxo smoothing is something in between.

Not gonna make your hair pin straight as Japanese straightening, Japanese straightening is permanent straightening. Oxo is permanent smoothing.

But it is much straighter than keratin treatment and also lasts much longer than keratin treatment.

If you have fine hair with just a loose wave, your hair will be pretty straight, like Japanese straightening.

If you have course hair and tight curls , you will still have some texture after a few months .

OXO is best for someone who wants

>organic safe fomula

>want frizz fee smooth hair

>Don't want permanent straight

>have highlighted, bleached ,damaged hair

Any questions, feel free to message me!

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