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What's difference Digital perm vs Regular perm ??

Updated: Jan 10

Digital perm , we use heating machine to gives long lasting bounchy wave look.

Curling iron style look, korean styles are often made by digital perm.

You can either able to use diffuser to make it look more tighter curls , casual look.

Or either twist your hair by hand while you drying with hair dryer to make it look like curling iron style.

A characteristic of digital perm is that you will be able to make nice bouncy wave with heat (use dryer) .

Digital perm is usually last about 4-6months, more you get tighter curls it will last longer.

Works best for normal - course hair , healthy- light damaged hair. Not for bleached hair or highlighted hair.

Regular perm

Regular perm (body wave) it gives beach wavy hair look, compare to digital perm it look less bounchy, more casual look.

Doesn't look like curling iron style, more like somebody who has naturally wavy hair.

We do not use heat like digital perm so wave is able to creates from roots. (digital perm can not do that since rods will be very hot)

You have to make your hair wet with water before you style your hair. When it your hair wet it shows more wave rather than hair is dry.

Which means it hair must be kept hydrated or moisturized by using curling hair care products such as mousse or cream, gel.

Regular is able to make different size of wave , big loose wave ~ tight spiral perm.

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