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What's Japanese straightening??

Japanese straightening is one of our most popular menu that clients book for.

It works for wavy, frizzy, curly hair... pretty much any types of the hair.

Japanese straightening is a permanent rebonding process that makes hair permanently pin-straight.

Japanese hair straightening uses a chemical solution to break down and soften the hair’s bonds, which are responsible for hair structure and shape. This relaxes the curl pattern and allows hair to become pin-straight .

Once you received Japanese straightening,

you will need only touch up for your new growth every 6-8 months.

Process hour is about 3.5hours ( depends on hair type) . And there will be certain rules to follow after the Japanese straightening done.

  1. Do not make the hair wet for 48hours. No shampoo, no rinse, no sweat.

  2. Do not tie your hair , no extension , no hair pinning. Keep it down style and straight for 48hours.

  3. Use sulfate free sampoo and good conditioner.

After 48hours of following rule and using good quality of products, your hair styling life, daily routing will be so much easier.

Many of my clients say 'This is life changing!!'

If you having any trouble styling with frizzy hair or unmanageable curl pattern, why not Japanese straightening??

Feel free to message the salon for consultation.

**Japanese straightening is not for high damaged hair, bleached hair, highlighted hair. Only able to serve for healthy- light, medium damaged hair.

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